Embraced, the new collection for Lladró by the creator of The Guest Jaime Hayon, was recently the focus of a pair of special events in Beijing, China. Lladró partnered with COMFORT Magazine to set up a space at the Taikoo Li Sanlitun shopping mall in the Chinese capital’s fashionable Chaoyang district where an event was held to celebrate this endearing new creation.

Later on, guests were invited to an exclusive display of Embraced along with Hayon’s other classic designs for Lladró including the Fantasy collection and the iconic sculpture The Guest at the Rosewood Hotel in Beijing, an event also organized in collaboration with COMFORT.

Miss Zhou Yi, General Manager for Lladró Greater China Region, and Mr Li Pengbo, editor-in-chief of COMFORT, talked about the brand’s journey and concept. Guests mingled and enjoyed elegant works by Lladró as they discussed their passion and admiration for the Embraced collection. Soft lights and flamboyant flower arrangements intertwined to cast shadows that swayed back and forth upon the porcelain artwork, enhancing the exquisite craftsmanship behind Lladró’s creations.

Playfully conceived using unconventional forms, Embraced depicts a figure that hugs itself with long arms that wrap completely around. At once light-hearted and sophisticated, it represents hope and optimism, and reminds us of the importance of caring for ourselves, and of embracing our dreams and challenges.

Timelessly rendered in handmade porcelain, Embraced reinforces Lladró’s mission to keep tradition alive through contemporary and conceptual designs. It is available in three color options, the first in white embellished with Hayon’s colorful signature designs, while the other two are decorated in soft, monochrome pastel tones of either yellow or pink.

According to its creator, the figure is at peace with himself, and transmits a peaceful energy and speaks a universal language through its expression: “I believe that we are living through a moment when we really need to look after ourselves and, in my view, Embraced expresses this idea in a very symbolic way” says Hayon. “If we do not look after ourselves, how can we look after others?”