Exquisite collections made in a surprising material that marks a difference.

Following the resounding success of Heliconia, Aquarium and Magic Forest, presented last Fall-Winter, now arrives Orchid, a collection updating the virtuoso control and mastery in reproducing flowers and translating them into contemporary handcrafted porcelain jewelry.

This collection reinforces the commitments to jewelry, this time borrowing its inspiration from one of the most symbolic and exquisite elements in the wonderful legacy of Lladró creative universe: flowers, and more specifically, the orchid, one of the most beautiful and exotic species.

Petal by petal, Lladró masters now add a modern, contemporary feel to the art of modelling flowers, in this collection combining them with chains and links to create a fascinating play of contrasts between the softness of porcelain and the elegance of ruthenium, introducing a bold fashion statement.