Lladró’s longstanding engagement with social responsibility means that it regularly cooperates with numerous humanitarian projects. Today, the porcelain brand is joining Fundación Aladina, the charity project run by Paco Arango, to raise money for the fight against children’s cancer. From this month of May and throughout the rest of the year, 10% of revenue from Little Heroes will be set aside to fund the invaluable work of this charity organization.

The sculptor José Santaeulalia is the artist behind this collection comprising I Have SuperpowersI’m a Superheroine and Hero to the Rescue. Made in matte white porcelain with a touch of color, these three adorable creations capture the boundless imagination of children, able to transform themselves into superheroes in their waking fantasies.

The magic of their smiles is capable of moving our hearts and is the most important reason to keep investing in research and in the improvement of their quality of life. For 15 years Fundación Aladina has been supporting and looking after children and teenagers suffering from cancer and their families, as well as undertaking major improvements in children’s units at public hospitals.