Lladró’s porcelain jewelry made a big splash at the first Clec Fashion Festival in Valencia. The Valencian designer Isabel Sanchís, celebrating 30 years in the fashion business, and her daughter Paula Maiques accessorized their designs with Lladró’s Magic ForestOrchid and Paradise Wings collections. Their eagerly awaited runway show proved to be the ideal showcase for Lladró’s jewelry collections, which capture the true essence of luxury and natural beauty in a perfect tandem of femininity and sophistication.

In addition, fashion and interior design were also the focus of attention of one of the festival’s Fashion Talks roundtables, with the participation of SINMAS studio run by Mateo Climent and Sigfrido Serra, who have collaborated with Lladró in various interior design projects. Their roundtable was decorated with some of Lladró’s most contemporary new pieces like Awesome Insects.

The Clec Fashion Festival is promoted by the Valencian designer Miquel Suay with the goal of turning the city into a multidisciplinary showcase for the latest trends in the Valencian fashion industry.