With a non-negotiable, long-term focus on continuous improvement, Lladró reaffirms its commitment with the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and its contribution in the fight against the big challenges facing our planet.

In fact, Lladró has been applying many of today’s mandatory standards from the very beginning, having adopted them naturally in the understanding that the only way forward was to respect all the agents involved in the process of conception, production and commercialization of our porcelain creations.

From the raw locally-sourced material itself, encompassing each and every one of the entirely artisan processes carried out by the hands, minds and hearts of all the people who make up Lladró, including the connection with our customers, who we offer a beautiful product that will last in time.

Sustainability, Slow Design, Equity… these principles are part and parcel of the DNA of the brand, which is committed not only to ensuring their continuation over time but also to improving them.  After all, a sustainable present must be built day after day in all areas if we wish to look after the world and to pass it down safely to future generations.

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