Much more than a regular exhibition, Design Week Marbella was created as a stage for innovative interior design, architecture, art and design proposals. This international fair aims to create a unique and immersive experience with the participation of more than 150 brands from Spain and around the world, including Lladró, as well as renowned professionals from the world of interior design, interior architecture and landscaping.

In addition, the event features live art and craftsmanship, the opportunity to experience the event online, and informative lectures and conferences. Creations by Lladró handpicked by design professionals shine in all settings and spaces.

SINMAS presents Pasión, a space that plays with different volumes that envelop the lighting and the sculptures on display. The burgundy color evokes the strength and passion of craftsmanship, contrasting with the nude colour which represents the hands behind each piece and shows the human value of each piece. Jaime Hayon´s creations for Lladró is the main protagonist of the Vitrina SINMAS, and both the main stage and the Photocall feature Lladró collections such as Nightbloom, Boldblue, The Guest by Henn Kim, among others. Jamz pieces as well as the Blossom and Ice Cream collections among others, also had their place at the event.