A select group of American Express Centurion cardholders visited the Lladró Boutique in calle Serrano in the heart of Madrid, last 30 October. In this exclusive event, holders of the world’s most exclusive card had an opportunity to make their purchases in private and to contemplate a live demonstration of the process of decoration of the new The Guest by Ricardo Cavolo. The Lladró Boutiques, located in the best shopping areas of the world biggest cities, are meeting places for lovers of art porcelain and the value of the unique.

Participants in the workshop became artists for a day and created their own individual version of a Lladró piece with the aid of one of the brand’s expert painters. A unique opportunity to get a hands-on experience of the craft which the porcelain brand has kept alive for over seven decades. The workshop was organized as part of the tour of live demos which the Lladró artist is also giving in Las Vegas, Houston, Miami and Orlando.