This spring, guests arriving at The Capitol Hotel Tokyu in Tokyo, Japan, will have the pleasure of discovering creations by Lladró on display in two suites and public areas across multiple floors of this celebrated hotel. More than 40 creations, including Heritage, Design and High Porcelain pieces and a selection from the lighting collections, complement the hotel’s Japanese modern style interior.

The versatility of Lladró is on full show in the Garden Suite on the 5th floor, where the timeless beauty of the Heritage creations can be enjoyed alongside bold avant-garde pieces created in partnership with contemporary artists and designers. Meanwhile, up on the 27th floor in The Capitol Lounge SaRyoh, a club lounge with a traditional Japanese setting, Japanese-inspired sculptures including the Yabusame Archer add to the emotional depth of the space.

Despite their very different origins, Hotel Tokyu and Lladró share a vision of maintaining tradition whilst striving to innovate and evolve with the times, and as a result the timeless individuality of porcelain and Japanese modernity shine in together in harmony through this collaboration.