In more than 100 countries, Lladró is known for its passion for craftsmanship, which has made the brand a leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of porcelain creations. In order to preserve the artisan legacy and mastery in porcelain which has been the cornerstone of Lladró for nearly 70 years, masters pass on their knowledge, techniques, training, and experience to apprentices.
A commitment for which Lladró offers four scholarships in conjunction with the EASC, the Manises High School of Arts and Ceramics, highlighting Lladró’s dedication to transferring knowledge from generation to generation. The Training is intended for students to provide them with a comprehensive understanding of porcelain; to provide an opportunity to learn first-hand about how procedures are used in real-life professional settings, to facilitate the acquisition of technical, methodological, personal, and participatory skills, to prepare students for the labor market, and to ensure that they acquire the values of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship, three concepts that are at the core of Lladró’s know-how.

Reaffirming Lladró’s dedication to sustainability and encouraging them to continue cultivating their talent and creativity with locally sourced natural materials, each of Lladró’s processes is entirely handcrafted by the hands, minds and hearts of all the people who make up the brand, including the connection with customers, who are offered a beautiful product that will last over time.