The Lladró Boutique at the Palladium Mall in Mumbai was proud to be the venue for the unveiling of Lord Shrinathji, a new limited edition High Porcelain sculpture of the venerated Hindu god.

Launched to coincide with Janmashtami, the annual festival that celebrates the birth of the almighty god Krishna, this majestic depiction in porcelain is exquisitely faithful to traditional iconography and stands out for its sumptuous decoration and for the dazzling ornamental wealth of a god who represents pure bliss.

Hosted by the celebrity columnist and interior stylist Mrs Nisha JamVwal, the event in Mumbai on 9th August was honored by the presence of the billionaire and businessman Dr Niranjan Hiranandani, who had the pleasure of unveiling the design to the delighted guests. Some well-known attendees at the event included the architect Aakif Habib, entrepreneur Seema Singh, singer Sharan Prabhakar, and Bollywood actor Smita Jaykar, among others.

The sculpture’s creator, Lladró artist Virginia González, was also in attendance albeit in digital form, via a short film about her work on the sculpture presented to the guests before the unveiling. Guests were also treated to a High Tea and musical performances, held within a space sumptuously decorated with natural flowers.

The manifestation of Krishna embodied in the form of a seven-year-old boy, Lord Shrinathji is full of grace yet also full of contradictions. He is a child yet he also supports the world; he is both the lotus and the pond, and all things at once.

A wide range of finishes were used in making this impressive sculpture, including the combination of matte and glazed porcelain with enamels, and different coatings of golden luster and metallic tones. The intense saffron color of the clothing symbolizes happiness and success. In addition, it is richly decorated with jewelry hand-painted in bright greens and blues, and with a splendid garland of white flowers, modeled petal by petal by Lladró artists in Valencia.

Limited to 499 pieces, Lord Shrinathji is the latest addition to the High Porcelain category, which includes the pieces that exemplify the highest level of excellence, expressiveness, beauty and technical perfection of Lladró.