The Guest, Lladró’s most enigmatic and groundbreaking creation, is the star of two ongoing exhibitions as part of the Madrid Design Festival 2022, both of which demonstrate the infinite possibilities of handcrafted porcelain when combined with the best contemporary design.

Visitors to the exhibitions, on display at the flagship Lladró boutique (Calle Serrano, 76) and the Leica showroom (Calle José Ortega y Gasset, 34) can appreciate collaborations from the past decade with leading international artists and designers, each of whom have been invited to give this icon of Lladró a distinctive personality

Since its creation by Jaime Hayon, artists including SupakitchHenn KimRicardo CavoloPaul SmithGaryBaseman, DevilrobotsTim Biskup and Rolito have all applied their unique creative visions to a sculpture which is as irreverent as it is distinguished. Collaborations that continue to show that tradition is open to experimentation.

Lladró Boutique Serrano

Lladró Boutique Serrano

The Guest series is also the platform for Lladró itself to explore new paths in its color palette, which is why both exhibitions also display monochromatic proposals that use both essential colors such as white or black, and the most magnetic tones including metallic red and golden luster.

Leica Showroom