Lladró has joined with the luxury footwear brand Paloma Barceló in a creative campaign that brings together both brands’ passion for creativity and genuine handcrafted design in Spain.

The collaboration between the two brands will be revealed at the Paloma Barceló flagship store in Madrid on May 5th. Alongside a display of iconic footwear is a special selection of Lladró’s most avant-garde sculptures and jewelry designs. Among them are the Tiger and Mandrill masks from the Fierce Portraits collection, the Macaw from the Dazzle collection, the Origami Panthers in their black and gold versions and the Actinia jewelry collection inspired by sea life.

In the various spaces of the store’s innovative interior, Lladró porcelain coexists in harmony with other natural materials such as jute, raffia, cork, natural rubber, wood and the selected leathers that Paloma Barceló uses in its collections