Big format piece Queen Amidala inaugurates the Born to Rebel limited edition series.

A new collection of porcelain sculptures
inspired by Star Wars icons

It’s been just announced at the recent Star Wars Celebration event the launch of a series of handmade sculptures that will depict characters of the saga. ‘Born to Rebel’ begins with a big format porcelain sculpture of Queen Amidala. The sculptures in the collection, all cast in classic porcelain and finished in a plethora of decorative techniques, will be available as limited editions and open series.

Featuring color, a pristine glaze, and a gold luster, the handcrafted figurine Queen Amidala celebrates the 20th anniversary of Padmé Amidala’s introduction in 1999’s The Phantom Menace.

This new collection will concentrate mostly on the female heroes of the franchise “depicting them in a defining moment of their stories in precious, everlasting real porcelain”, but not only female individuals are to be expected: all strong characters may find a place in this collection.

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